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A better way to deal with Shopify chargebacks.

How does this work?

How does this work?

Easily insure any of your orders by taking a photo of the package you're shipping to the customer.
Why does this work?

Why does this work?

The likelihood of banks resolving disputes in your favour increase if you have shipment photos and verified addresses that we help you save.
Will it work for me?

Will it work for me?

You can use this app if you ship your own products. We're compatible with all shipping carriers, checkout types, and other apps like Route.

Photos are worth a thousand words.

You'll use our app to scan the barcode of your shipping labels and snap a picture of your product. It takes a few seconds and provides an expotential amount of value when handling customer questions.

It's your own internal insurance

Win disputes more often

Download our personalized responses and PDF documents to answer your disputes with a higher liklihood of winning.

Issue fewer refunds

Use the photo scans of your shipped products so you can visually verify if an order was missing an item without needing to trust a customer.

Control undelivered orders

A majority of disputes happen when customers are unaware their order was undelivered due to a shipping address mistake. We'll help you message these customers to keep everyone looped in.

Catch mistakes before they happen

Let DisputeCore.com track your shipments to help avoid customer disputes if a delivery issue occurs with your shipping carrier.

Verify your addresses

Every order you scan with DisputeCore will have it's address verified so you can delay a fulfillment until a customer confirms their shipping information.

Build-your-own quality assurance

For smaller teams, managers can schedule daily overviews to see which your team's total shipped order quantity, their photos, and product quality.