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Sync order and products between apps.

Shopify Bundles

Create bundles using viaGlamour's large product catalog.

Create custom product bundles that customers can purchase in one-click using your pre-configured bundles to offer customers. It's free and an easy way to increase sales.

Shopify Flow

Create custom events when orders are formulated or shipped out to customers.

Use Shopify Flow to trigger custom events when viaGlamour formulates a new product for your customer orders. For example, you could send customers an email each time a product is formulated for their order and include a custom message.


Get ad credits to grow your shop using TIkTok shopping.

Get a $500 ad credit when you start running ads on TikTok for your brand. TikTok will match what you spend on ads, and help you find new customers.


Try dropshipping organic soap bars.

If you're new to dropshipping and want to explore other low-cost options for selling products online, try the organic soap bars available for customization with MagicSoaps.

Free Customer Service

Let customers edit their orders post-purchase instead of sending in emails.

Let our partners at OrderEditing handle a majority of your customer service questions and requests. It's free to install and is an easy way to automate more of your shop's daily operations.


Include custom stickers in your orders.

We're partered with StickerMule to help you make you customer unboxings more creative. Purchase custom marketing material from Stickermule, ship it to viaGlamour, and we'll include it in your outgoing orders. Requires a business membership with viaGlamour.

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